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Welcome in Genius

A brand open to customers.

Genius is a brand with a dynamic organisation serving the customer.

It is a real Project into the future thanks’ to the solid basis of the past.

As a part of the FAAC Group, Genius is investing in the future:

  • Research and development of new products and technologies.
  • In-house production “Made in Italy” only.
  • Equipments for tests and production control.
  • After sales service.

GENIUS is a brand where people, customers and collaborators co-operate to make great their IDEAS.

The originality and the Italian features, able to express details and tradition, improve the latest technologies starting from a solid technical and human background.


Research and Development.

Genius's experience and competencies along with its own technological structures and those of the Leader Group, of which Genius plays an essential role, are a distinctive element in a market often characterized by an insufficient quality in product and service. Investments aim at research and innovation of products have obtained important results and stimulate us to look for the technological perfection oriented, anticipating and realizing our customers' future requirements.

Our history

A reality projects into the future with solid basis in the past.

From 1967
Company with a consolidate experience on mechanical gears production.

Start up the production for Gate Automations.

Entrance in the FAAC Group and beginning of synergies in the production of Gate Automations.

Business plan of investment for the new Company of the 2000.

The new brand “GENIUS” is born. New premise in Grassobbio with 12.000 m² working space. (7.500 m² indoor).

From 2003
We are always projecting for a constant introduction of new products, with an increasing range and growing our presence all over the world.